Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Exciting LUSH Halloween and Christmas products coming soon!

Ooh I cannot wait for the Halloween and Christmas goodies to come to Lush!!

I joined the forum a couple of days ago just in time for the Lush 'FUN' Forum Party!
The party was to introduce the new product 'Fun' and there was a live streaming video, competitions and some Christmas & Halloween items went on sale!

The release date for Halloween & Christmas I believe is 6th October, please correct me if I'm wrong!
Lush put some of the popular faves on sale early before the release of the new Christmas items!
The Christmas items they put up for sale were:
- Cinders
- Golden Wonder
- Christmas Eve
- Magic Wand
- Snow Fairy (YAY!!)
- Buche De Noel
- Angels Delight
- Northern Lights
- Snowcake
- Snow Globe

The Halloween/September Retro items were:
- Magic Ballistic
- Something Wicked This Way Comes
- Ghost Shower Jelly
- The Witches' Ball Bubble Bar
- Jacko Ballistic

The Halloween Retro items are online only and I'd only really want Ghost and maybe Witches' Ball and Jacko, but I can't justify postage when I live 5 mins from a store grr!
Needless to say for Christmas things I really want: Snow Fairy, Bouche De Noel, Snowcake, Golden Wonder, Cinders, Angels Delight (if I like the smell), and maybe a Magic Wand.
And thats only the things from previous years that have been confirmed, I haven't even decided on the new products that have yet to be revealed!
Although I have seen the new products on another blog and there are some exciting things in store!

Will be posting a haul when I go and get my Christmas goodies and maybe some Halloween ones!


  1. oooo can you get some pictures??? great blog!
    Follow me? xoxo, Jen

    1. I will once I've got my Christmas stuff next Saturday 6th as thats when my store gets the Christmas and Halloween ranges in!
      Lush have added the Christmas range to the website if you want to check the pics and product descriptions out?
      Here: xx