Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Product Review: 100% Kanekalon Synthetic Hair & 10% Off Hair Extensions!

As the title says, I will be reviewing Kanekalon Synthetic Hair and also providing some info on the website/company I bought from.
The company are also offering a discount code to get 10% off any orders, so if you want to skip to the code, scroll down to the section titled '10% Off Orders'.

The Basics
Colours: Golden Yellow and Raspberry (The company offers a wide range of Natural, Fantasy and Funky colours)
Prices: Golden Yellow - £2.38 Per Pack, Raspberry - No longer available. All prices between £2.38 - £3.30 so these are super affordable :)
Lengths: Golden Yellow and Raspberry - 50". Lengths do vary between colours on the website but all colours can be easily cut to your desired length
Quality: Both colours are extremely high quality with a thick and strong texture making them perfect for synthetic dreads/braids/ accessories

Overall Rating: 4/5

First Impressions
I bought 5 packets of each colour with the ambition to make a full set of synthetic dreadlocks.
I'd watched numerous videos on YouTube and decided to give it a go, and with the Kanekalon hair being so cheap it seemed a good idea!
Kanekalon hair is the best option as it is 100% synthetic meaning that when heat is applied, the fibres will fuse together making the process of creating dreadlocks much easier.
I ordered these around a year ago, however I remember the delivery being super quick and for me this is a huge plus.
The Hair was packed really well, and each packet is a long, plastic sleeve with a resealable opening meaning te hair can be stored neatly. The images above show the packaging so refer to these for visuals.

Opening The Packets and Testing The Hair
I love the resealable opening, as it is a great place to store the hair that you do not need and keep it neat. The hair is very long so is folded in half and secured with 2 hairbands - one at the fold in the hair and one near to the ends. Although this helped me to keep the hair neat, the 'fluffy' texture of the hair made it difficult to pull out the small s
ections of hair that I needed. As I'd pull the sections out, loose fibres would fall and ended up everywhere! With me being a neat-freak this was highly frustrating, but, this is a minor point and my only complaint about the product which is why I rated it 4/5.

I won't explain the process of making the synthetic dreadlocks as I want this post to just be a review of the product, however if you are interested there are plenty of videos on YouTube to refer to.
Part of the dreadlock making process requires applying a damp towel over the dreadlock and then applying heat over it using a hair straightener. This heat and steam combination is supposed to fuse the fibres together, 'sealing' the fibres in place.
As the following photos show, the fibres are very shiny which shows that they are obviously synthetic - making them perfect for any hair accessories that require 'sealing' with heat such as synthetic dreadlocks and synthetic braids/plaits.

Overall Opinion

I did make a fair few synthetic dreadlocks using the 2 colours of Kanekalon hair, however I have a lot of hair left over!
There was a lot more hair per packet than I expected so I think maybe 2 packets of each colour would have been sufficient.
This just adds to the value for money in my opinion, and I am very impressed at how much you receive per packet and the excellent quality.
I love this product, it is very versatile and the high volume of colours available is just amazing - I have not found any other website that sells so many colour options!
All I can say in terms of 'Cons' is that when separating the hair into sections loose strands can end up everywhere, but by storing it neatly and securing it with the hairbands provided you can avoid this.

Another great point for me was the website: www.buyhair.co.uk
The site is so easy to navigate, user friendly and the best part is the huge variety of hair-related items. From hair extensions to feather extensions and even tools, there is so much to offer so it is well worth a browse!

10% Off Orders!
Until the end of October a special code can be used to receive 10% Off your order total at www.buyhair.co.uk

To receive this 10% Discount, use the code:

Here you can find the Synthetic Hair mentioned as well as hair extensions and tonnes of other hair products, all at very affordable prices!

Although the code can only be used at www.buyhair.co.uk , the company also has two other websites:
Feel free to browse these websites for handmade feather extensions and luxury hair extension products, but the discount code can only be used at www.buyhair.co.uk where you can find all products from the other 2 websites :)

I really hope this review has been helpful, and if you have any questions then please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you asap!
The 10% Discount Code is available until the end of October, so it is well worth a look on www.buyhair.co.uk to see the amazing range of high quality, stylish and affordable products.

Let me know what you order and happy shopping!

L xx


  1. Wow, I love the colour of the extensions!

  2. Hey,

    Yeah they have such a great range of colours and styles!

    Love that website so much! Don't forget to use the discount code if you make any orders - such a great incentive from a great retailer!

    L xx